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On the occasion of the upcoming Champions league final between two German teams, I noticed that people talked about it as a “deutsch-deutsches Duell” . That struck me as funny. While I could understand saying “innerdeutsches Duell” (intra-german) or “rein deutsches Duell” (purely German duel), I get assoications of divided-Germany (West Germany and GDR) when hearing “deutsch-deutsch”. But Dortmund vs. Bayern isn’t an example of that.

The following google Query (aiming to recover discussion of the 2008 final between Machester United and Chelsea) yielded 8 results:

champions league finale “englisch-englische duell”

Repeating this query as follows came up with 10,700 results:

champions league finale “deutsch-deutsche duell”

(The numbers don’t get more similar if you try out other case forms, by the way. ) Now, it’s possible that there are fewer hits for the English case just because German speakers weren’t as interested. But it seems that even if you try to factor in different levels of interest, there’s still a gap. Here are some more numbers:

champions league finale “rein englisches Duell” 2.770

champions league finale “rein deutsches Duell” 24.400

champions league finale “innerenglisches duell” 3

champions league finale “innerdeutsches duell” 176