Josef Ruppenhofer

Research Interests

These are the topics that I have been working on:

  • Spoken language annotation
    • Here I am working on basic annotation types such as POS and dependency syntax (within the UD framework) as well as named entity recognition.
        My UD work also extends a bit into social media data.
  • Frame semantics / construction grammar
  • Argument Structure (in particular null instantiation)
    • I’ve tried to work on this both (corpus-)linguistically (with Laura A. Michaelis) and in a computational linguistic mode (with Caroline Sporleder and Philp Gorinski).
  • Sentiment analysis (including Modality)
    • I’m coming from the lexical and syntactic side but am very interested in the relation between semantics and pragmatics with regard to the understanding of subjectivity.
    • One step in that direction, taken together with my colleague Ines Rehbein, was to re-annotate the modals in the MPQA corpus in order to compare a pragmatic annotation with a lexical semantic one. I’m hoping to do more in this vein on that data.
    • I also have a long history of working with Michael Wiegand on various topics surrounding sentiment analysis and, more recently, offensive language.
  • Corpus linguistics
  • Lexicography

The overall umbrella for my work is definitely frame semantics and construction grammar.

Here are some professional service activities I’ve performed.