• FrameNet Frame-semantic lexicon and annotated corpus for English

    As a graduate student and post-doc I was involved in the creation of English FrameNet.

  • SentiFrameNet An extension to FrameNet providing information about presuppositions and entailment of FrameNet lexical units

    Created for the purposes of sentiment analysis but hopefully more broadly useful

  • MPQA Sentiment annotations for English-language news and press data

    As a post-doc I was involved in the second phase of MPQA.

  • Salsa Frame-semantic lexicon and annotations for German

    As a post-doc I was involved in the second phase of Salsa, a German sister project to FrameNet.

  • Goldstandard data for the Semeval 2010 Shared Task

  • MLSA Corpus A Multi-Layered Reference Corpus for German Sentiment Analysis created by the IGGSA group.

  • Opinion Role Lexica and Corpus Annotation Opinion-role resources created by my project partner Michael Wiegand (Saarland University), related to this publication .

  • German Affixoid Data Annotations for complex German words containing stems of one of 7 potential suffixoids. Supplementary material to our COLING 2018 publication on affixoids.

  • German EffektGermaNet Effect annotations for German synsets contained in GermaNet 9.0, related to this WASSA paper .

  • Modals in the MPQA corpus

    For the LREC-conference 2012, Ines Rehbein and I created word-sense and frame role annotations for the instances of 5 modal verbs (may/might, must, shall, ought, can/could) in the MPQA (multi-perspective question answering corpus). Get the data here.

  • Text on biological diversity annotated frame-semantically

    This is a short text that I annotated for a construction-grammar related project together with Hans Boas and Alexander Ziem.