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It’s fun to find these even in the better press … nobody has to time and/or money for editing.

The save-verses-spend conflicts are mounting in a number of states. (NY Times)

Everyone recognizes that education is the only way up, but as a college degree becomes increasingly essential to making one’s way in a 21st-century economy, education for those not to the manner born is increasingly unaffordable. (NY Times)

But in the end, the better team one and deservingly completed the treble. (Discussion of German cup final on

Where’s the descrimination? In the end, everybody is being targeted by some government agency, It is simply a question of which agency gets to target which interest group, and heaven knowns there are plenty of government agencies out there. (NY Times)

So anyway, grip all you want about Obama. This non-stop trashing began immediately in 2009 and has not let up since. (NY Times)

I have been lead to believe that in addition to prodigious physical skills, cheetahs have the temperment that is almost like a housecat. (NY Times)